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Welcome to The Launchpad Podcast, powered by ACTO. The Launchpad highlights change agents working to disrupt life sciences and their strategies for success in the dynamic post-market promotion landscape.

About the Host
Parth Khanna is the CEO at ACTO. His undergraduate degree in neuropsychology, two law degrees, and US patents in AI and NLP-based enterprise technologies have uniquely positioned him to address the changing needs of the life sciences industry. Over the past few years, Parth has been selected as a Pharma Marketing 360 ELITE Disrupter, an EY Entrepreneur of the Year finalist and awarded an international 30 Under 30 Honor Award. Parth continues to lead the ACTO team towards their vision of building the world’s best omnichannel education ecosystem for life sciences.


Episode 1: Tailoring Your Clinical and Brand Story with Integrity
Bill Seitz, VP of Sales and Marketing at Monaghan Medical, talks about building effective commercial teams and tailoring the clinical and brand story.

Episode 2: How to Accelerate Drug and Device Launch in the Post-COVID World
John Constantine, Senior VP of Talent Solutions at Orchestrall, Inc., talks about what the pharmaceutical and medical device landscape looks like post-COVID.

Episode 3: The New Model for Crisis Leadership in Life Sciences
Tim Cole, Founder and CEO of The Compass Alliance and the Author of The Compass Solution, A Guide to Winning Your Career, talks about the new model for crisis leadership in life sciences.

Episode 4: Agile Change Management for Life Sciences Leaders
Spencer Holt, Head of Commercial Learning Innovation Centre at AstraZeneca, talks about agile change management and digital transformation of commercial learning experiences in life sciences.

Special Episode: Two Powerhouses Come Together: ACTO acquires Scrimmage
In our special episode, Derek Lundsten, CEO of Scrimmage, talks about ACTO’s acquisition of Scrimmage, and what this means for the life sciences industry.

Episode 6: Pharma Sales – Today versus Tomorrow
Rich Benedetto, former Sr. Executive Sales Representative at a global pharmaceutical company and, Jeff Ainsworth, VP of Global Sales at ACTO, talk about how Pharma sales has evolved over the years through the lens of sales reps.

Episode 7: How is Technology Reshaping the Medical Device Industry?
Liv Williamsen, VP Marketing at ExplORer Surgical, talks about the impact of technology and data on the medical device industry.

Episode 8: Omnichannel education – The Future of Life Sciences
Scot Noel, CEO and owner of NOELEDGE Consulting, talks about the importance of adopting an omnichannel education strategy in the life sciences industry.

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About ACTO

ACTO exists to set the gold standard for education in healthcare and life sciences by building the industry’s best Omnichannel Education ecosystem.

With ACTO’s Omnichannel Education platform, global pharmaceutical and medical device companies educate and engage learners across the care continuum through unified educational experiences and journeys. Senior commercial and clinical leaders draw deep, powerful impact data by consolidating disjointed educational touchpoints into an omnichannel experience.