Episode 2: How to Accelerate Drug and Device Launch in the Post-COVID World

with John Constantine from Orchestrall, Inc.

In this episode, John and Parth discuss: 

  • Importance of providing richer digital experiences to healthcare providers
  • Multichannel marketing and its increasing importance due to virtual working conditions
  • How to accelerate drug and medical device launch strategy post-COVID

John also answers some key questions about how to break down silos in life sciences organizations, the role of sales representatives in the new reality, benefits of adapting remote learning tools, and the role of data, in the post-COVID world. By demystifying these topics, John offers strategic advice to commercial, clinical, and medical affairs leaders in life sciences and how they can make the most of the new remote working conditions. 

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The Launchpad Podcast, powered by ACTO, highlights change agents working to disrupt life sciences and their strategies for success in the dynamic post-market promotion landscape.

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