Episode 6: Pharma Sales – Today versus Tomorrow
with Change Agents Rich Benedetto and Jeff Ainsworth

Key Questions

    • How has declining physician access impacted pharmaceutical sales representatives’ training?
    • What is the future of education and engagement for field teams, healthcare providers and patients?
    • How has managed care changed the promotional landscape for pharmaceutical sales representatives?

About Rich Benedetto
Rich Benedetto, former Sr. Executive Sales Representative at a global pharmaceutical company has over 35 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Rich started off practising retail pharmacy and later moved into a sales role at the pharma company. During his time there, Rich held different sales positions and worked on a variety of territories and assignments.

About Jeff Ainsworth
Jeff Ainsworth is the VP of Global Sales and Business Development at ACTO. Prior to his current role, Jeff spent nearly 15 years as a sales leader and coach in the pharmaceutical industry. Jeff also serves on the Board of Directors for White Hawk Advocacy, a non-profit organization that advocates for special education and disability rights.

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