Episode 7: How is Technology Reshaping the Medical Device Industry?
with Change Agent Liv Williamsen, Vice President of Marketing at ExplORer Surgical

About Liv Williamsen
Liv Williamsen is a medical device industry leader with nearly 20 years of experience, and has worked with a wide range of medical device companies from a Fortune 50 company to small start-ups. She has been responsible for building new markets in and outside of the US, leading sales & marketing teams, developing and running training programs for sales and healthcare providers, and building growth & sustainability strategies. Being a goal-oriented strategic thinker, Liv strives to identify technologies that streamline business and integrative processes for medical device companies.

Key Questions

    • How has the medical device industry evolved over the years?
    • What role does education play in medical device commercialization?
    • What does an ideal relationship between a medical sales rep and a healthcare provider look like?

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