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Welcome to The Launchpad Podcast, powered by ACTO, the Commercialization Cloud for Life Sciences. The Launchpad highlights change agents working to disrupt life sciences and their strategies for success in the dynamic post-market promotion landscape.

Episode 1: Tailoring Your Clinical and Brand Story with Integrity

with Bill Seitz from Monaghan Medical

In our first episode, Parth Khanna, CEO of ACTO, speaks with Bill Seitz, VP of Sales and Marketing at Monaghan Medical about building effective commercial teams and tailoring the clinical and brand story. Recently, Monaghan Medical won the American Association for Respiratory Care’s Zenith Award for the fifth year in a row for the quality of their products, helpfulness of sales personnel, truth in advertising, and support.

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Download the Change Agent: Bill Seitz’s Strategy Sheet to learn about the award winning approach to messaging that earned Monaghan Medical its Zenith Award, for the fifth year in a row.

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